About the STN

The Superhero Training Network (STN) is a unique and immersive science and engineering educational experience that keeps students engaged and ready to learn.

In the STN, the most evil scientist in the universe, Dr. Entropy, has taken over the International Space Station and is threatening to destroy the World’s global communication satellites if his demands are not met. An elite group of engineering graduate students with unusual super powers have responded but they know that they cannot defeat Dr. Entropy and his followers (the Scientific League of Evil) alone. Now they are calling on young scientists everywhere to join them in the Superhero Training Network where together they will learn the science and engineering knowledge they need to defeat Dr. Entropy and save the world!

If young scientists choose to accept this responsibility, they become official trainees in the STN by signing the STN Code of Ethics and Confidentiality Agreement. Then, they begin training with superheroes MegaByte, Sublimation, and Super Conductor as well as their graduate student secret identities, through a series of videos, books, and activities.

The STN materials are organized into modules each of which includes an episode of the STN and corresponding activity and text materials. For more information about the STN modules that are currently available, the back story of the STN, the characters of the STN, the creators and history of the STN, and the features of the STN click one of the links below!

The Scientific League of Superheroes looks forward to training with you!