The Superhero Training Network was created in 2011 by chemical engineers Samuel DuPont, PhD, and Audrey Buttice, PhD while they were graduate students at the University of South Florida, located in Tampa, FL. At the time, they were graduate fellows in the National Science Foundation’s GK-12 program which placed them in local elementary schools once a week to help with math and science lessons. While attending the schools, the duo discovered a significant need for science and engineering educational materials that were developed by individuals with advanced knowledge of the science concepts. During their last year in the program, Samuel and Audrey wanted to create a program that would engage and educate students while showing them that science and engineering are exciting and relevant subjects. They got together with fellow engineering graduate student Robert Bair (aka Super Conductor) and the Superhero Training Network was born.
During the 2011-2012 school year, portions of the Superhero Training Network video series was piloted in 23 classrooms in Hillsborough County, FL, the eighth largest district in the US. The program received rave reviews from students, teachers, and administrators leading Samuel and Audrey to continue to produce and expand the Superhero Training Network program after graduating with their PhDs in December of 2012. Their hope is that the Superhero Training Network program will work to empower young students and encourage their interest in science and engineering careers in the future.

Currently the STN is being used in several states and throughout Hillsborough County. Samuel and Audrey remain highly involved in educational media production and are continuously expanding the STN portfolio of content. They regularly attend local schools and events as their superhero personas (MegaByte and Sublimation) and also conduct educator training workshops.

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