“STEM Superheroes: The Sequel” – WUSF
Two years ago, University Beat introduced you to the Scientific League of Superheroes – a trio of USF graduate students who don colorful costumes and use comic book scenarios to teach science, technology, engineering and math to younger students. And like all superhero blockbusters, it’s time for a sequel!…


“‘Superheroes’ help students get ready for science FCAT” – Tampa Bay Tribune
Science class was downright super on Friday for fifth-graders at Oak Grove Elementary School. Just like students across the state, they’ve been drilling for state standardized tests that begin this week. But it wasn’t their teachers leading the review Friday. It was a collection of superheroes, complete with capes, masks and tights….


“‘Superheroes’ getting students excited about science” – Bay News 9
Inside the science lab, two chemical engineers go by the names Audrey Buttice and Samuel DuPont. But like most true superheroes, they have alter egos. They throw on an elaborate costume, including a cape and a mask. In minutes, Audrey and Sam are transformed into “Sublimation” and “Megabyte.”…


“Scientific Superheroes” – USF Magazine (pg 20)
They bear the names of some of the most important scientific and technical processes: Sublimation, Super Conductor and Megabyte. They battle the evil Dr. Entropy who has taken over the International Space Station, and most importantly, they teach the difference between science fiction and science fact….


“USF Students Become Superheroes to Teach STEM” – WUSF
Sam DuPont and Audrey Buttice were once mild-mannered USF Ph.D. students. As part of a National Science Foundation-funded fellowship program, they’d visit elementary schools around the Tampa area and do science demonstrations. But they thought that they could reach more students by videotaping their work—they just needed a hook….