Three engineering graduate students at the University were working in the lab finishing an important research project when a terrible lab accident changed their lives forever. The accident, which was caused by a fellow scientist who wasn’t following safety precautions in the lab, mysteriously altered these three young engineers.
Audrey Buttice, aka Sublimation, found that she was capable of rearranging her form into any phase of matter. Robert Bair, aka Super Conductor, was surprised to find that he was now able to harness the power of all forms of energy, transforming them whenever and however he wanted. Samuel DuPont, aka MegaByte, was severely injured in the accident and was reconstructed using the latest advances in biotechnology and robotics giving him superhuman strength and lightning fast mathematical skills.
With their newly discovered abilities, these three friends decided to join the Scientific League of Superheroes (SLOSH), an elite group of scientists and engineers who use their physical, intellectual, and, sometimes mysterious, powers to protect humanity and to ensure peace and prosperity for all people. Little did they know, a plague of evil science was about to challenge the world.

The genius scientist Dr. Entropy has recently gathered together the most evil scientific minds in the world to form the infamous Scientific League of Evil (SLoE).

Led by the evil Dr. Entropy, the Scientific League of Evil has only one goal, to rule the world! Their first strike on planet earth was Dr. Entropy’s capture of the International Space Station. From there, Dr. Entropy has taken control of global satellites and is holding global communications for ransom. His demands are simple:

1. Don’t try to find him

2. Don’t interfere with his plans for global domination

3. Like him on facebook.

The Scientific League of Superheroes know that they must face Dr. Entropy and his evil gaggle of goons, the Scientific League of Evil, but they realize they cannot confront him on their own. They need a large network of intelligent young minds who are well trained in science and mathematics in order to battle evil of this magnitude.

With this in mind they have formed the Superhero Training Network STN, and are actively recruiting young scientists to train alongside them. Those who accept this responsibility will work alongside the SLOSH filling their minds with the scientific and mathematical knowledge required to stop the evil Dr. Entropy and save the world.