Features of the STN

The Superhero Training Network (STN) immerses students in a fun and engaging world of superheroes and scientists. Throughout the program, students train alongside the Scientific League of Superheroes in order to learn the fundamental science and engineering skills required to stop the most evil scientist in the Universe, Dr. Entropy.

The Superhero Training Network materials include several elements that work together to enhance science training such as videos, activities, and book materials. These materials are organized into modules encompassing a STN episode and corresponding modules in the Training Manual (student text), the Trainer Manual (teacher’s guide), and Trainee Activity Book (student activity book). For example, Episode 1 of the STN takes students on a journey through topics related to the practice and nature of science and the use of lab tools during investigations and experiments. Related materials to use with your students can be found in Module 1 of the Training Manual and Module 1 of the Trainee Activity Book. Additionally, Module 1 of the Trainer Manual provides suggestions on ways to integrate the episode into discussions and activities by expanding on concepts delivered in the module’s materials.

The STN Physical Science materials are currently available for use and includes 7 modules of the STN. Topics covered in the STN Physical Science Package include:

  • Module 1: Lab Tools Part 1
  • Module 2: Lab Tools Part 2
  • Module 3: Forms of Energy
  • Module 4: Conductors, Insulators, and Circuits
  • Module 5: Force and Motion Part 1
  • Module 6: Force and Motion Part 2
  • Module 7: Matter
For more information about these modules click here to access the Module List!

The following table provides a brief description of the core STN materials:

The STN Trainer Manual

A great place to start your planning with the Superhero Training Network is the Trainer Manual. This book is available as either a spiral-bound printed book and/or as a digital download in the Books and Handouts section of the Physical Science Learning Resources page. This book will guide you through each of the learning modules in the Physical Science package. It will also provide additional activity and extension ideas based on the concepts delivered through the STN videos and book materials.

Physical Science Trainer Manual Contents: 7 modules, 74 pages

The STN Physical Science Video Collection

The STN Physical Science Video Collection is provided on a series of three DVD video discs containing 7 episodes of the STN (episodes are approximately 20-30 minutes in length). Each episode is matched with a module in the book materials (for example, Episode 1 corresponds with Module 1 in the other STN materials). On the STN DVDs, episodes of the STN can be accessed in sections (scene selection) making it easy for you to access the short lessons embedded in each video without having to watch an entire episode. Additionally, English subtitles are also provided as an optional feature. Each DVD also contains special feature video content such as interviews with the cast, interviews with scientists and engineers, Science on Location, Trainee Laboratory Missions, and more!

Physical Science Video Collection Contents: 3 DVDs, 310 minutes of content

The STN Training Manual

The STN Physical Science Training Manual is a textbook style book designed for student use. The Training Manual is organized in modules based on topic. Each module corresponds with an episode of the STN and explores the science concepts covered in the video in a more in depth manor. The STN Training Manual is available as a printed text or as digital files that can be accessed during your subscription to STN-Online through the Books and Handouts section of the Physical Science Learning Resources page. Through the Books and Handouts page, the entire manual can be downloaded or, for your convenience, each module is available separately as a digital download.

Physical Science Training Manual Contents: 7 modules, 181 pages

The STN Trainee Activity Book

The STN Trainee Activity Book (sometimes referred to as the TAB) is a great resource in your STN arsenal. This book provides all of the handouts, activity sheets, and games/puzzles found in the STN Training Manual in one convenient place and also includes several exclusive activity sheets. The materials found in this book can be used to assess student understanding of a topic, with activities such as the Tournament of Knowledge, or keep their minds focused while watching the STN videos, with activities such as Science or Science Fiction and Write as you Watch. These materials are segmented into modules which closely follow the topics from the other STN materials and is available as a digital download in the Books and Handouts section of the Physical Science Learning Resources page. The entire book can be downloaded or, for your convenience, each module can be downloaded individually.

Physical Science Trainee Activity Book Contents: 7 modules, 90 pages