Check out the video and testimonials below to see all of the great things
that people have been saying about the Superhero Training Network!
“At Jackson Elementary, we have seen great success in our 5th grade test scores since using Scientific League of Superheroes. The review and experiments really gets the kids excited about learning, and I’ve seen such an increase in student’s interest in Science!”

– Jackson Elementary School Teacher, Hillsborough County, Florida
“Not only do the students love watching STN, but they use it as evidence when discussing concepts in class. The theme song has been hummed throughout the year, not just when an episode is being viewed. One of my quietest 5th grade girls came to school with her newly made superhero mask. She is a good student, but she hadn’t outwardly expressed her excitement for science before that day.”

– Mort Elementary School Teacher, Hillsborough County, Florida
“My students LOVE the superhero theme and became very engaged when they got to create their own superhero personality. The lessons give them great visuals that they refer back to during class discussions and assessments. They appreciate that it is sometimes obviously cheesy, but simultaneously full of challenging content.”

– Colson Elementary School Teacher, Hillsborough County, Florida
“My son, Nicholas, has always loved science and he’s always loved superheroes, so when the Superhero Training Network put two of his favorite things together there was no resisting the attraction. Nicholas loved their witty and engaging antics; I loved the sound scientific information that correlated with his 5th grade science curriculum. He’s watched every episode multiple times, and I know the information is sticking because I hear him singing the theme song and repeating scientific facts he’s learned from Megabyte, Sublimation and Super Conductor. The Scientific League of Superheroes are proof that science can be silly and serious all at the same time – which is a pretty irresistible way for children to learn.
The proof it works: the near perfect score Nicholas earned on 5th grade FCAT science exam. Thank you, Superheroes!”

– Vickie, Parent of 5th grade student
“I believe this program got the students at my school to focus on the information they needed to learn. In addition, the other teachers told me they could see new ways to make material better understood by their students.”

– Teacher of the Gifted at Tampa Palms Elementary, Hillsborough County, Florida
“The content is engaging and informational. After the SSA (Science Assessment), students shared that they remembered many of the concepts during testing because of lessons provided by the Scientific League of Superheroes! Not only do they make the concepts easy to understand for 5th graders, they also provide opportunities to challenge our higher learners!”

– Muller Elementary School Teacher, Hillsborough County, Florida
“The students are engaged during the videos. The good use of science vocabulary is a great example for them and they begin to use the words themselves. Also, the videos help clear their misconceptions of science content.”

– Jackson Elementary School Teacher, Hillsborough County, Florida
“The videos used humor and engaging story lines to teach students about science. The characters themselves were a big hit. Each superhero has a special talent or ability and kids enjoyed seeing them play out those abilities in each video. Having one of the superheroes being female was also very important, in my opinion, so that my girl students see that girls can do science too. The production quality was superb – the sound and images were crystal clear!…They have a real talent and gift for working with students, an obvious knowledge of science on a doctoral level, and real passion for this Superhero Training Network program. It was clearly evident in the experience they left my students and I with.”

– Heather, Maniscalco Elementary, Hillsborough County, Florida