Experiment with the STN!

Below you will find a collection of Superhero Training Network experiments and activities to perform with your trainees. Always remember to follow proper safety procedures, we like to make sure our trainers and trainees stay in tip-top shape. Have fun!

Ready to get Slimy! This sticky investigation looks at how a fun chemical reaction can make a strange and fun physical change to the matter in common materials. Click to experience this fun Trainee Laboratory Mission!
Are you ready to create the Slimy Polymer!?

Explore as matter changes color before your eyes and uncover the science behind the chemical changes involved in this color-bending Trainee Laboratory Mission!
Let's Change Some Colors with Science!

Milk tastes good. Food coloring is fun. Soap cleans our hands. What could possibly happen when we combine these chemicals together in a fun Trainee Laboratory Mission? Colorful fun perhaps!?
Using the Forces of Chemical Reactions!

What makes Super Conductor’s body able to conduct electricity? Is it something in his blood? How does the science work? Learn about the conductivity of fluids in this shocking Trainee Laboratory Mission!
Explore the conductivity of fluids!

Dirty water is icky! Bleh! Clean water is nice! Yay! How do we use science to make sure we have a good supply of clean water. Run controlled experiments in this Trainee Laboratory Mission and find out how running a well thought out experiment can uncover the secrets to making clean water!
Design Experiments to Make Clean Water

When things get hot they move differently, wouldn’t you! Discover how heat (or thermal energy) causes matter to act differently in this heated Trainee Laboratory Mission.

Springs are awesome! The stretch, they recoil, they bounce, but how can we measure their properties? Learn all about the basics of springs and how the force of gravity and mass can stretch these coiled constructs.

Some things slide around and others are hard to move. What’s going on. Discover the science behind the force of friction in this Trainee Laboratory Mission!
Explore the Forces of Friction!
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